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2018 Fall League Volunteer Information

Falls Baseball does not require volunteer hours to participate in the league. Feel free to kick back and enjoy the game or participate as volunteer as you see fit. Volunteers are appreciated to help the league be successful! Those who sign up to volunteer will receive an early registration link.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:
Coaches - 3 coaches per team are needed to lead the team through practice and game routines. Coaches will receive a Falls Baseball shirt and hat.

Bench Parents - 2 bench parents per team are needed to facilitate the lineup and maintain order on the bench. Each bench parent will cover 3 of their team's 6 games.

General Help - If coaching or bench parent isn't your thing and you want to contribute in another way, please let us know! This may include a special skill that can help the league or offering to assist coaches with scorekeeping or organizing post-game snacks, etc.

Volunteers may apply below, or contact ian @ fallsbaseball.com for more information.

Volunteer Sign Up Form

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